What We Do

  • Faith

    Have a relationship with Jesus Christ and grow into what God has created them to be and do.

  • Learning

    Do well enough in each grade to finish high school, complete college or further training, and find a good job or career to reach their God-given potential.

  • Relationships

    Experience God’s full community by being better connected with friends, family, other adults and places inside and outside their neighborhoods.

  • Health

    Take care of the body God gave them by developing healthy habits such as eating right, exercising regularly, and staying away from negative behaviors.

Closing the Gaps

Emerald Youth Foundation is committed to respond to the pronounced gaps in youth services and outcomes for the 12,000 economically disadvantaged young people across urban Knoxville in faith, learning, relationships and health.

We are in danger of losing this generation of urban youth, and there is a clear need to accelerate the pace and level of response to our city's children.

To close the youth service gaps and change the trajectory of urban kids, Emerald Youth Foundation is undertaking two major initiatives over the next decade:

  • Expand our faith, education and sports programs to reach a critical mass of children, youth and young adults.
  • Address the root causes that create barriers to success in urban neighborhoods.

Learn more below about our individual programs and how they are helping close the gaps.