Who We Are

Emerald Youth Foundation is a Christian, urban youth ministry that serves more than 1,400 urban children, teens and young adults each year.
Our ministry is implemented through a network of more than 15 churches and faith-based organizations in five youth and community zones. We desire to raise up a large number of urban youth to love Jesus Christ and become effective leaders who help renew their communities.

A Message from our CEO

For nearly a quarter century, Emerald Youth Foundation has served the children, teens and young adults of urban Knoxville. Its goals are ambitious: to end the isolation and disconnection of Knoxville's young people, to draw them into healthy, supportive community, and to raise up the next generation of leaders. As kids begin to thrive, we hope they will in turn help others.

Emerald Youth Foundation now serves more than 2,000 urban young people each year through JustLead, Emerald Youth Sports and Emerald Youth Fellows. Begun as a summer outreach program in one inner city church, it now serves young people in urban neighborhoods throughout the city network of more than 15 churches and faith-based organizations. Emerald's strategy has remained constant -- to support young people in the areas of faith, learning, relationships and health.

Recently, a year-long study conducted by Emerald confirmed that disturbing and widespread gaps in basic support exist among the about 12,000 children of inner city Knoxville. Emerald has stepped up in new roles to close those gaps.

There is so much work to be done. Join us! We appreciate your interest.

Thank you and God Bless.

Steve Diggs

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